XRT-Series™ Breast Board

Absorption through XRT-1500 & XRT-1800

Absorption measured in 5 cm depth with 6 MV and 18 MV photons in water equivalent IMRT phantom.

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XRT-Series™ Breast Board

The Candor XRT-1800 breast board is a complete solution for the positioning of breast patients. The board is made of carbon fiber or MR safe material.

The board has a gross weight of only 8.4lbs including accessories. Tilting of the XRT-1800 can easily be set at 3 different angels (4, 7, 10 degrees).

  • Designed for all modern treatment techniques
  • Treatment Capabilities – Breast and Lung
  • No high absorption materials
  • No artifacts
  • Very low absorption of only 1% with 6MV
  • Tilt options 4, 7, 10 -and 15 degrees
  • Different adjustable attachment options to meet setup requirements
  • Lightweight 7 lbs
  • Available in Carbon Fiber and MRI Safe material