RADSAFE® Patient Marking Pigment

Why use RADSAFE pigment instead of India ink for radiation therapy markings?

  • RADSAFE does not contain impurities
  • RADSAFE composition is known (ingredients must be known, even for artistic tattooing)
  • RADSAFE is biocompatible
  • RADSAFE is Certified CE class IIb
  • RADSAFE is sterile and single-use
  • RADSAFE markings are NOT permanent and DO NOT turn blue.

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Suitable for radiation therapy marking, RADSAFE® pigments are offered in 0.60ml sterile single doses with a breakable seal.

Certified CE class IIb, these single-use pigments are sterilized by gamma ionization. Radsafe pigment does not turn blue, and post-treatment will eventually fade away.

Traceability is ensured by the batch number marked on each single dose unit.