MVision Auto Segmentation

MVision AI follows the official consensus guidelines and provides standardized, consistent, and high-quality contours that help clinicians streamline the daily workflow and save time.

95 % Time Saving

AI-powered auto-segmentation with MVision AI reduces the manual work involved in the OAR contouring process by up to 95%. Your entire workflow can be streamlined, significantly reducing the total radiation therapy treatment planning time. When every contour does not have to be started from scratch, you can tackle more important delineation tasks, such as dose painting. This allows you to improve the overall quality of the treatment itself.

Ensure Conformance

Our solution always follows the official segmentation standards, including ESTRO and RTOG consensus guidelines. Our AI team is also continually upgrading the product in collaboration with our research partners to meet radiotherapy clinicians’ specific needs, such as detection of landmark anatomy. This collaboration and strict alignment with the official guidelines make it possible for us to help you standardize contouring at your clinic and enhance the whole radiotherapy treatment planning process.

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MVision Auto Segmentation

MVision AI is a pioneering, cloud-based software service provider for radiotherapy treatment planning. Our AI-powered automatic segmentation tool helps to standardize contouring and automate segmentation to streamline radiotherapy treatment planning workflow. Our deep learning model produces consistent contouring in minutes while maintaining the highest standards of quality for every patient, every time.

MVision AI Segmentation Service is CE marked and 510(k) cleared.