Properly maintained medical devices are safer for patients and staff alike. When equipment is routinely inspected and serviced, potential problems can be identified before they cause the device to malfunction or stop working.

XRTMedical offers full-service preventive maintenance for your medical devices and will get your equipment back to like-new condition. Routine maintenance can also help your hospital or surgical facility operate more efficiently. When you take a proactive approach to servicing your equipment, you can plan for the exact time frame when a device will be out of service. Compare this to emergency repairs, which bring with them the huge headache of rescheduling procedures, not to mention potential compromises in patient care.

Emergency repairs or total replacement of a device are both more expensive than routine upkeep. By making sure that all of your equipment is operating at peak efficiency at all times, each device will last longer. This gives you a greater return on your investment over time and helps keep expenses down.

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