Visicoil Linear Fiducial Markers

VISICOIL™ is the original flexible linear fiducial marker for use with today’s most accurate image guided radiotherapy treatment plans.

Helical design offers excellent ultrasound imaging

Traditional Hollow Core = Minimal Artifact on both CT & MRI

Stable marker localization from implant through treatment

VISICOIL proven patented design

Helical coil and flexible design fixates marker in target tissue

Minimally invasive design allows for atraumatic placement

Thin Needle Design = less pain, edema, bleeding, more comfort & safety

Smaller needle path increases marker stability

Linear Design = Less needles = Less measuring = Faster implantation

Efficient, consistent, and reliable daily treatment set up

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VISICOIL™ Linear Fiducial Markers

VISICOIL MR imaging markers for soft tissue tumor localization provide enhanced accuracy in radiation therapy planning and delivery. The new multi-modality linear fiducial marker offers high visibility in MRI & CT (and more) image modalities allowing for efficient MR/CT fusion and IGRT.