Total QA

1 - The ability to customize and standardize your tests, and workflows across your site or multiple sites,.

2 - A single, powerful, QA management system with a minimal footprint and without the need for dedicated hardware, or IT support.

3 - Using all your current QA equipment and not be forced to purchase additional equipment from a particular vendor.

4 - Managing all your QA, from anywhere, on a single, streamlined dashboard!

5 - Now, imagine the efficiency and time savings you’ll gain; not to mention the sanity you’ll keep.

6 - Sensible and fair pricing that gets you in the game without breaking your budget.

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Total QA: Complex to Complete

A single point of access for all my QA data, protocols, templates and operations? Really?

Yes, really! Talk about efficiency and consistency!

Total QA gives you a single and efficient dashboard view of all your QA tasks. Everything is here at your fingertips, your daily’s, your monthly’s and your annuals. From your home facility to your satellite facilities. View everything, from anywhere, at any time.

Speaking of efficiency

With Total QA you create a custom view to match each user’s role and responsibilities. What does this mean for you? It means that you can give or limit access to individual staff. For example, you being the Lead Physicist will have access to all data at all sites. Your technologists will have access to the tests that they are responsible for, and no more. Easy and efficient, clean and consistent.