SagiNova® HDR Afterloader

Main Features

Ability to choose between widely used Ir-192 or long-lasting Co-60 source

DICOM data import from brachytherapy planning system via network or USB flash drive

Display and control of entire treatment process

Recording and DICOM export of entire treatment protocol

Synchronization of electronic timers in control and treatment unit with better than 50 ms accuracy

Support of up to 100 dwell points for treatment length of 600 mm per channel (1400 mm drive-out length)

Minimum stepping distance of 1 mm

Source positioning accuracy of +/-1 mm and are solution of 0.1 mm and 10 ms

Continuation of interrupted treatments e.g. after an external power failure

Support of up to 50 channels per fraction

Optimized user-friendly GUI and intuitive design for streamlined workflow

Safety Features

Highly customizable quality assurance system QAssist

Video camera for source position verification(video and photo) Automatic length verification for precise measurement of applicator length

Color coding for after loader channels, applicators, and transfer tubes

Battery backup system for safe source retraction in the event of a power failure

Hand crank for power independent emergency source retraction

Two independent monitoring systems for treatment times

Integrated radiation detector

Two-key authorization on treatment control panel

User management incl. role concept and individual passwords

Display of patient photo from treatment plan

Internal shielding container for storage of up to81.4 GBq Co-60 or 481 GBq Ir-192

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One Platform for All HDR Brachy Needs

SagiPlan® ensures that all body sites can be planned from the same software environment. With the fast and accurate image registration, you can have the best of different image datasets including fusion of the live ultrasound video stream for online real-time prostate planning.

User-Friendly and Intuitive

Individual user and treatment settings for different applications, combined with the complete portfolio of applicators in the Applicator List, make SagiPlan® very user-friendly and convenient. Furthermore, the intuitive order of the register tabs guides the user efficiently through the whole planning process. When a certain treatment type is frequently used, the complete setup of applicator type, retention positions, control points and prescribed dose can be saved as a plan template. A quick search function makes these templates easy to retrieve, enabling a quick planning process.