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IZI Medical Products is pleased to introduce our new Coral® Thermoplastic Masks for stronger, fast, comfortable immobilization during radiotherapy of the head and head/neck/shoulders. Special materials prevent sticking, speed the molding process, and enhance reusability. They are available in a variety of thicknesses, perforation types, and apertures for virtually any radiotherapy need.

Product Benefits

Least shrinkage of all leading thermoplastic masks
Better working time for a more detailed, better-fitting mask
100% non-stick surface when heated
Stronger than standard RT thermoplastic masks
T-Lok™ pin design for easy on/ off use
Our masks are reinforced where standard masks are overstretched
No Latex

Product Specifications

Ultra-secure reinforcing perforation pattern
Available in S-Frame and U-Frame

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Radiation Therapy Products

Radiation treatment can provide highly effective results when used properly. But the drawback is that unless precisely administered, radiation can harm healthy tissue as well as diseased ones.

IZI has a wide range of products that help you precisely direct radiation to places where it’s needed and away from where it could cause harm.

I.Z. PORT® Skin Markers, IZI Gold Fiducial Markers, and our wide range of other markers help guide your treatment exactly where you want it to go.

Products like MoldCare Pillows and IZI Thermoplastic Masks help keep patients comfortable and locked in place for the most accurate treatment possible.