SDX® Voluntary Breath Hold Method

Patient Training

The initial patient training session includes a detailed explanation of the procedure and verbal coaching on DIBH. The patient is then introduced to the SDX® System and breathes freely through the spirometer until instructed to take a full inspiration. The SDX® System calculates a target inspiration zone, which is a percentage of the patient’s maximum inspiration capacity. This ensures the patient can comfortably maintain repeated breath holds of 20-25 seconds. The result is a repeatable breath hold, taken with the same inspiration volume every time.

CT Scanning & Treatment Planning

After training, the patient proceeds to the CT scanner for treatment planning imaging. With the use of the video glasses, the patient is able to visualize the target inspiration zone. CT images are taken while the patient performs the breath hold, thereby reducing artfacts. The SDX® System with DIBH decreases the movement of organs within the thoracic cavity, allowing for enhanced tumor imaging and visualization. The acquired CT images are used to develop the treatment plan.

Patient Treatment

The process for treatment is the same as CT Scanning. With the SDX® System, the patient remains in control by voluntarily repeating breath holds during the course of treatment. The clinician monitors the breathing pattern to determine the optimal moment for delivering the radiation.

Optional Gating Modules (Varian® C-Series, Varian® ProBeam®, IBA™ Proteus®PLUS)

Allow to hold/stop the beam if the patient cannot maintain his breath hold until the end of the radiation treatment.